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Elscooter Bogist M5 Max

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For your cycling safety, please read this manual carefully before using M5 Max electric scooter, and please watch carefully cycling instruction video, make sure you can ride M5 Max electric scooter correctly.
Knowing all the warnings and precautions listed in this manual will help you to ride your M5 Max electric scooter better.
if you have any questions or can not obtain the information you need from this manual, please contact theauthorized agent or the after sales department.

M5 Max electric scooter is a small. efficient and economv personal vehicle , its fashion sense of scienceand technology modeling, the light structure design, strong lithium battery power (high), will give you apleasant riding experience.


Parameter Description
Material Plastic
Battery voltage 48V
Max Range 40 km
Max Speed 40 km/h
Net weight 36kg
Max loading 120KG
Climbing Angle 7.2°
Screen LED
Tire size Front14″/Rear14″
Brake Mode Front/Rear disc-brake
Unit unfold Size 1200*590950mm
Unit folded size 1220*250*600mm
Charger AC110-240V/50-60Hz
Charging time 4~6H
Motor Power 1000W
Battery 48V13Ah Li battery

This product has EEC certification can be registered and can drive on public streets, roads or highways. Serious injury can result from the unsafe operations of this product. Operator can minimize theserisks by using certain safety equipment such as: safety helmet, goggles, gloves, elbow and kneepads and appropriate footwear.

DO NOT operate this product in traffic, on wet, frozen, oily or unpaved surfaces or under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Avoid uneven surfaces, potholes, surface cracks and obstacles.

DO NOT use a water hose to clean this product. See Product Handbook for more information.

This product is recommended for riders 14 YEARS OF AGE and older.

Elscooter Bogist M5 Max

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