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Elscooter Bogist M6

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M6 Specification
Performance Project Description
Body material, size, test Body color black/red/green
Body material 90 aluminum alloy + 10 iron
Packing size (L/W/H) 1180*220*520 mm
Product folded size (L/W/H) 1160*580*480 mm
Product Expanded Dimensions (L/W/H) 1160*580*1180 mm
Chassis height 100 mm
Applicable height 150-200 cm
Scooter net weight 25 kg
Scooter Gross Weight 28.5 kg
Car body limit load 120 kg
Measured body weight 80 kg
Tested battery life 30 km
Measured terrain Relatively flat cement pavement (slope not greater than 10)
Scooter parameters Top speed 25 KM/H
Recharge mileage 30-35KM
Applicable terrain Hardened road surface, flat dirt road surface, slope below 30 degrees, no higher than 10CM Taiwan price
, No more than 8CM groove
Operating temperature – 10° 40°
Waterproof level IPX4
controller Voltage 48 V
Overcurrent protection value 18 A
Undervoltage protection value 39 V
Motor (wheel) parameters Rated power 500 W
Rated voltage 48 V
Rated current 10±0.5A
No-load current ≤1.1A
No-load speed 850±20 rpm
Front wheel size 11 inch pneumatic tire
Secondary rear wheel size 11 inch pneumatic tire
Battery Pack Parameters Battery / Cell Brand Yongkang Feike Electronic Technology
Battery power 13 AH
Rated voltage 48 V
Charging input voltage 54.6 V
The number of times the battery can be charged ≥600
Charger parameters Rated power 109.2 W
Rated input voltage 100V-240V
Rated current 2 A
Charging time 6-8 H
Rated output voltage 54.6 V
headlights Operating Voltage 48 V
Working current 0.025 A
taillight Operating Voltage 48 V
Working current 0.012 A

Elscooter Bogist M6

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