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Elcykel HIMO ZB20 Max

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Main Parameters
General Brand HIMO
Type 20*4.0 Inches
Model ZB20
Color gray/ yellow
Vehicle Performance Dimensions L×W×H Overall unit:1620mm * 625mm * 1095mm
After folding:1000mm * 620mm * 760mm
Operating Temperature  -10~40°C
Storage Temperature  -20~50°C
Net Weight 28kg
Gross weight 36.5kg
IP Rating IPX5
Max. Speed 25km
Transmission  Shimano 6 Speed
Electric range <60km 
Assisting range <80km 
Shock-absorption  Front fork hydraulic switch 
Brake  Front: Mechanical disc brake 
Rear: Mechanical disc brake 
Charging time about 6 hours 
Payload  ≤100kg
Head of Bicycle Material  Aluminum alloy
Handgrip Material  TPR
Foldable Foldable
Adjustable of height Yes
Throttle lever NO
Small bell Mechanical bell
Brake handle left/Right
Mobile Phone Charging Station /
Front Wheel Drivenmethod /
Material  Aluminum alloy
Hub type spokes hub 
Size  20 *4.0inch
Tire  Rubber pneumatic tire 
Brake  Mechanical disc brake 
Rear Wheel Drivenmethod /
Material  Aluminum alloy
Hub type spokes hub 
Size 20 *4.0inch
Tire Rubber pneumatic tire 
Brake  Mechanical disc brake 
Main Frame Material  Aluminum alloy
Type Main Girder Folding
Parking  Parking stand 
Battery location Built-in main girder
Reflect Sticker  yellow
Max Steering Angle  60°(each side)
Rear Tale Light  /
Air pump  Yes
Foot Pad Material  Nylon
Foot Pad Type  Folding
Carrying handle NO
Battery Material  Lithium battery
Type of batteries Removable portable charging
Battery number  52 PCS
Rated Voltage  48V
Charge cut-off voltage 54V
Rated Capacity  48V/10.4Ah
Charging Temperature  0~40°C
Battery ManagementSystem Over-heating, Short circuit,
Over-current, Over-charge protection
Charger Input Voltage  100~240V, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage  54V
Output Current  2A
Output Power  118W
Motor Brand \
Motor Type  Hall Brushless Gear DC Motor 
Rated Voltage  48V
Rated Power   250W
Max. Power  \
Torque 32 N.m
Rated speed 236 r/min
System Control Turn On/Off  Visible button on the speed control handle 
Riding Modes Switch   
Front Light Switch   
Display Type HD LCD Display
Display Contents  Speed, mileage, Gear, glitch
Electronic booster starting point  6 KM start (CE )(Can change to 0KM start by enduser)
Under-voltage protection 41±2V
Over-current protection 15±2A



Elcykel Xiaomi HIMO ZB20 Max

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